Monday, February 22, 2010

An Early Look at Internet Explorer 9

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As it is already proved, Internet Explorer 9 will be final on the stage in this March. After complete Windows 7 launch, now, Microsoft has laid its importance on another important components: Internet Explorer. Currently it has revealed the first details of Internet Explorer 9 in Log Angeles. Let's together get an early look on it.

Some details:
- On HTML 5: Microsoft was coy about whether it would support all of the HTML 5 standards, the next generation of HTML. The company doesn't seem willing to commit to the standard until it is set in stone, but "wants to be responsible" about supporting it.
- On Javscript: They admit that their previous browsers don’t match the speed of Firefox or Chrome. However, it appears that IE9 looks to narrow this gap. From some of the data they presented, it looks like they're getting closer to matching the other browsers (though they don't beat them).
- On CSS Support: It looks like IE9 will finally get better CSS support, especially for rounded corners. It's a disappointment though, when you consider the other browsers have supported these things for years.
- On Hardware Acceleration: IE9 will utilize DirectX hardware acceleration to improve graphic and AJAX rendering. It will push more work towards the GPU. This is actually looks pretty slick from first appearances.

Most industry experts believe that Internet Explorer is a laggard in terms of compatibility, standards, and speed. Microsoft seems to be working to change that with IE9.What to do now? There's no telling what it will be able to do. Waiting and expecting the Internet Explorer 9!

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