Friday, December 24, 2010

The Friday Post !!!

Hi All starting this thread... The Friday Post !!!... Pls add your thoughts on life in general to motivate let down people in whole and to cheer up who are thinking life is otherwise... This thread is for the general well being of anyone who visits SBF which will be updated every Friday ... !!!

Once there were two eggs discussing what they wanted to be when they hatched. The first egg said, "I want to be an oyster when I hatch. An oyster just lay in the water and never has to make any decisions. The currents of the ocean move it about, so it doesn't have to plan.
The ocean water passing by brings its food. Whatever the ocean provides is what the oyster receives, no more, no less." The first egg continued, "That's the life for me. It may be limited, but there are no decisions and no responsibilities. There is a secured existence controlled only by the ocean."

The second egg said, "That's not the life for me. I wish to be an eagle. An eagle is free to go where it wants and to do as it pleases. Of course it is responsible for hunting its own food and making survival decisions, but it is also free to fly as high as the mountains." The second egg continued, "The eagle is in control, instead of being controlled by others. I want no limits placed on me, nor do I want to be a slave of the ocean. Consequently, I am willing to expend the effort required to live the life of an eagle."

The eagle is a symbol of strength, speed, height, and freedom. It is able to soar to great heights and have a beautiful view of the world. However, the eagle has to pay the price for what benefits it has, by having to work, risk and fight for its survival. 

For freedom and success there is always a price to pay. Of course to play it save we can choose to take the course of action of the oyster to be in our comfort zone and achieve nothing.

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