Sunday, December 26, 2010

Embedded System

   The research and development of Windows 8' client and web serve have entered the planning stage, with Windows 8 Embedded Version also taking shape. Just as Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 8 also has Windows Embedded Version.

Researched and developed for a lot of special device class, the tools and programs of Windows Embedded can be used for a variety of embedded computing devices, such as cash registers, ATM, industrial controllers, gateways, IP telephony, servers, thin client, senior consumer electronics and a variety of specialized handheld devices.

In an official handswanted, Microsoft is looking for the software test engineer for the Microsoft Embedded product. As the wanted shows, Microsoft describes the Windows Embedded software test engineer duties. One said, "Develop a program extended to other areas, including thin client, POS, MFP and Windows 8 Embedded…" This is the first time Microsoft reference to Windows 8 Embedded system.

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