Saturday, December 25, 2010

Google Adds New Doodle for Christmas

Google has added a new doodle on its home page today to celebrate the holiday .

Lopez told the Wall Street Journal that it took about 250 hours to create the doodles. He personally drew six while the rest were divided up among his staff. Initially, he thought the 17 drawings woudl be staggered over the course of several days, but Google later said they wanted to display them as a group.

Lopez has been chief doodler for 18 months; in 2010 alone, there have been 270 doodles, the Journal said.

Google has become renowned for its regular output of doodles, not just for holidays but also for news events, birthdays, and other special occasions. Past doodles have celebrated the Fourth of July, the Olympics, and even Einstein's birthday. Each doodle typically plays around with the classic Google logo, transforming it into something that can visually commemorate a special date in time

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