Sunday, December 26, 2010

Microsoft to Improve Windows 8 Voice Control Function

According to some reports, Microsoft's Windows group is stepping up development of the company's next-generation operating system Windows 8, and planning to substantial improvements. As we all know, compared to Windows Vista, Windows 7 is not lot of change, but made improvements in performance, security, simplified features. A few days ago, Microsoft said they will release a significant update Windows 8, which means there will be a substantial improvement.

In accordance with Microsoft's plans, Windows 8 will be officially released in 2012, which will include features of "face recognition login", "a key to restore the backup", "Windows Store App Store", and so on. No doubt, in addition to these features, the Microsoft Windows 8 will improve the natural user interface (NUI) synchronously. The multi-touch technology is only a part of Windows NUI, which also includes voice recognition capabilities.

In Microsoft Windows 7 also provides a complete voice recognition feature, users can completely control the computer by voice, of course, we can use touch and voice operations. Let's look forward to the new Windows 8, to enjoy the perfect voice control function out of the traditional PC experience.


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