Saturday, May 1, 2010

!!~~ why men are scared of commitments ~~!!


Men and commitment just don't seem to gel. When decisions regarding marriage, family or relationship is presented to men, they prefer not thinking about it. It is a trait which has been with men since the evolution of mankind. Women too are scared of commitments but they eventually take it up but men given a chance would avoid it but at the same time it has been noticed that once they are committed, they are much more devoted and serious than women. 

1.Loss Of Freedom – Loss of freedom not only from ones lifestyle but from the freedom of being selfish. A commitment means your every action and decision will effect the other, thus you need to think and work on your action so that it does not hurt your partner. There is no true loss of freedom in the case of a healthy relationship.
2. Loss Of Space – This aspect is closely linked with, loss of freedom. When in a commitment, men have to share their personal space with their partner. Space where they keep their secrets, habits etc. Sharing this space also comes with a lot of demands. Mostly girls don't agree with boyish stuff like, smoking, boozing and demand men to quit them. Thus the tangle starts and leads to the end of a relationship.

3.Maturity Level - Biologically it is said that a girls maturity is much more at the age of 20 than that of a man. This difference of maturity, is one of the basic reasons why men are scared of commitments. They don't have the answer as to how to manage a responsibility. At his maturity level he might think of one solution and the girl at her maturity level may come up with a different idea. This difference of opinion according to men disturbs the unplanned life which men like to lead.
4.Legality – Marriage or a Live In relationship every thing is now legalized. A relationship is no more related only to matters of heart but also to one's lifestyle. It effects the monthly income, debts, loans etc. The uncomplicated mentality of men, run away from being entangled in this mess.
5.Dark Past – As said earlier, men once committed are get very serious with the relationship and once they are ditched, they never want to get back to the same state of depression. They view every girl as a threat. A bad experience makes them think that all the effort is not worth it.

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